Wednesday, April 22, 2009

futuRe account student

This b0ok ??it was totally awesome..
But actually i didn't use this book for my class..ahaha..
but the truth is..acc0unt in english is not really easy..damn very hard man!More n m0re,i also have to study for australian accounting is just because i'm taking AUSMAT..wah..sometimes i feel like i want to throw away all those books n pull out all the pages from the book..ahaha..actually,it was all just my thought..but i try to be positive n blablabla..deep in my heart..i was like..'gurl,U CAN DO IT!'..Nothing is impossible in dis i rite?yah..i think s0..maybe it just for the beginning..because i have to understand account in english..'kenapala kementerian x bg account syllabus in english mase spm'..haha.. guys...i hope i can manage to do the accounting..OMG!

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  1. i wanted to take acc u knw??
    but then went on with my DREAM to be a psychologist. lol