Tuesday, April 28, 2009

handphOne & stuFF

owh..my handphone 3230 cannot be use anymore..huhu..
OMG..i will suffer for that..i cannot open the MENU..even cannot hear the radio,open the gallery n play the games nn many more application that is available..blablabla..[ fullstOp ! ] Then,last night..my mom ask me..'ika,how's your appplics test results?got it already??'..n i replied 'no mom,the lecturer said that she will pass to us on next monday..'
all suddenly...my dad said 'ika,u want a new hp rite?? so,u have to get an excellent results for your evaluation exams (mid year terms) on june..' wah...is that so...?? OMG..I have to wait 1 or 2 months more to get a new hp..huhu..s0,dats it!..i have to struggle more n more to get a new hp..yah..dat was the one of the condition how i want to get a NEW HP ok...btw,it's totally hard for me n but of course its also hard for my dad to get money to buy a new HP for me..for dad n mum..i really2 appreciate that..actually,u guys are encouraging me to study more harder to get somethings n do well in my exams..nn hope i can do better to get a scholarship from sunway for my degree..yeah..really hope for that..This morning,i have a psychology class..and we study a new chapter;research investigation..suddenly ms.jessie said 'okayh,for holidays,ur timetable will going to be packed..u all have to find an information for ur literature investigation...the topic is how the factors of personality,persuasive communication & social values influence teenage girls to go on diet..' n [fullstop].More,we have to do in essay format,no words limit nn most terrible part is we have to memorise it!huhu..not really have to memorise..ahaha..but for me i have to memorise it..more easier for me then at the end but difficult at first..it is just because that we have to do in-class on assessment date (15/5/2009) next week after our study break..owh..crap! i was just mumbling to myself n said...what??not again!!uhuh..Just now i go for a lunch with my friends..we go n eat outside the college in 'medan'..it is not really far..just walk in 2-3 minutes from the college n we can reach there..ahaha..we eat n watch TV,laugh,refresh our day n then we go back to college..ahaha..but then,i feel so thirsty n go to the cafetaria..it was a lunch time at 12.30 i think..almost that time..i'm rushing to go to my EALD class...n then i saw azhar in a counter..i said to him..'wait2..can u pay for me first for this mineral water?i'm very lazy to line up..use ur own money first then i'll pay u back ogeyh..'ahah..n then suddenly bumped into alia..we had a short time moment for chatting n blablabla..ahaha..then, i continue my way to my class (SW 4-4)..wah..so tired..luckly i'm not using the staircase..if not,i will semput man..huhu..then,finally..i reach my lovely class (lovely huh??)..eheh..then i met azhar n ask..'how much the mineral water?'..then he replied..'50 cents'..ahah..i said what??'50 cents??'aiy0..actually..he want to treat me n ask me for 50 cents only..wah..so nice of you..lucky to be one of ur fren,azhar..ahah..but btw,i didn't pay him 50 cents..i paid RM1.40..sorry azhar..i noe u have a kindest heart..but i don like to use ur money..except if i'm so so desperate..u can belanja me then..anyway,thanks a lot yah! :)
really appreaciate that..nn
don forget to go to the fitness first today! build up ur muscle ok..yeah..:)

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